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First Post

July 15, 2011

In a struggle to find time to think, write, and read on my own time, I came to the conclusion that it was best to start my own blog to help get my ideas or questions out to others and hopefully consider and adopt new perspectives.  For my first post, I’ll keep things short and simple because bed will be calling my name soon, thanks RRD for limiting my summer vacation.

Speaking of RRD…

Something that I have been struggling with lately is the concept of money.  Why does everything in the world revolve little green (in the US) pieces of paper?  Is it a bad thing that I dread waking up at 6 A.M. to go to work even though I know I’m doing myself a good thing, as well as my family, by making money to help stay in school?  I value my education a lot, maybe not even as much as I should, but is it worth the cost?  (Yeah, it costs money to gain or impart an education also.)  I value education very much but maybe not for the same reasons as the rest of ya’ll.  It seems that the popular view in our society today is that we need to receive an education to improve our chances at success in the future.  Our measure of success seems to be money.  Is that fair? Can someone be successful without money?  Should a wealthy person who has no family and has paid no service to his community a successful person?  Is a person who busts his a** everyday in an attempt to fully support his family but fails unsuccessful?

It is my belief that our measures of success is restricting our society and robbing people of their pursuit of happiness.  Instead of pursuing happiness, people are pursuing money, which is believed to create happiness.  This makes the United States the greedy country that we are.

Though I do believe that money is the grease on the wheel that helps it go ’round in the United States, should it be this way?  Love to hear what ya’ll think. Sorry for any grammatical errors, I wrote this crunched for time but anyhow, tell me what you think and/or your opinions.



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  1. Brad permalink

    I recently started a blog since I came to California for my internship. It is a great way to get shit out when you don’t really have anybody to talk to. Money has always been a major concern to me mainly because I never wanted to have to worry about it like my parents had to. I think at one point I even lived in fear of it, but being out here in California working at an internship that I only took to make money, gain experience, and put on my resume, I have realized a very important thing. Money might seem like the most precious thing in life, but you will come to find that time is way more precious. You can’t ever get it back. So sometimes I think its best to say fuck the money and live it up because time spent with people that are important to you is way more valuable. You can always make more money. You can’t get back time.

    • Are you not enjoying California? I hope to possibly get an internship out there next summer and if I like it maybe get a job out there after I graduate, that’s the plan anyways so who knows. But I completely agree but when I start to think about time, so many more issues come to mind. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want/need to do, or spend it with everyone I would like to.

  2. Brad permalink

    You will like California. It hasn’t rained or been over 80 the entire time I am out here. It just sucks not having a car, and not knowing a lot of people to hang out with. Most of the other interns live to far away to meet up with. But you can’t beat the weather. You should definitely try to get something out here cause it will be a completely different experience.

  3. SteveR permalink

    Money is the evolution of the barter system. Instead of hunting and gathering, then trading, we “trade” paper. That paper use to represent its value in gold. Gold would have been gathered then traded. The better and harder you work, the more you learn the skills at gathering/hunting, the more you would have to trade and survive. The strong will survive and prosper. Now that we have evolved, the weak survive as well. Charity allows the weak and unwilling to continue to survive. In times of prosperity, the unevolved man learned to store(save) for times of trouble. Those that didn’t, died.
    Now we trade our work and knowledge for that piece of paper(trinket). We can then trade that paper for goods and services that we deem necessary to survive.
    Just a few generations ago, college was reserved for the elite. Unless you are one of the elite, you should be very thankful for your opportunity. Remember your hard work is being traded for the service of education so you can be better at hunting and gathering so you might have a better chance in the world than those less evolved!

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